Would you like to make a difference?                   Does your employer have a matching gift program? Did you know that our average gift is approx. $165?

To donate online you will be directed to the 'Network for Good' website.

To make Can Do 4:13 Scholarship Fund donations, please make your check payable to "Can Do Scholarship Fund", and mail to:

Can Do Scholarship Fund
c/o Community Foundation of Central Illinois
331 Fulton Street, Suite 310
Peoria, IL 61602

Does your company provide matching funds?
If so, please attach their form so that the Can Do 4:13 Scholarship Fund can benefit. Would you like to be a "Can Doer?"
All you have to do is make a commitment to donate $111 for nine years, and this contribution will fully fund one $1,000 scholarship for a Can Do Kid.

We now have raised over $235,000 for the Can Do Scholarship Fund because of all the contributions over the last three years.  We have more than individuals who've signed up to be Can Doers, who are very giving people who will fully fund one $1,000 Can Do Scholarship by making nine $111 annual payments.  We also have a quarterly plan for those who want to pay $28/quarter, and again, fully fund a $1,000 Can Do Scholarship.



Suggested Contributions

Can Do Doctorates

_____$40,000 funds entire 4th grade class

Can Do Masters

_____$20,000 funds 1/2 the 4th grade class

Can Do Bachelors

_____$5,000 funds five full scholarships immediately plus provides the ability to compound for nine years

Can Do Graduates

_____$1,000 funds one full scholarship immediately plus provides the ability to compound for nine years

Can Doers!

_____$111/annually x 9 payments funds one full scholarship upon high school graduation.






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